Support Women's Empowerment

Our Women's Empowerment collection is the world's largest online selection of fair trade artisan products produced by women.

Shop all your favorite fashion, jewelry, and home decor treasures knowing that each purchase benefits a woman and her family.

NOVICA and Women's Empowerment

The key to help the world's most marginalized women build better futures for themselves and their families is economic independence. This not only corrects a great injustice in the world, but sets the stage for greater reduction of poverty overall, as resources in women's hands mean greater household expenditures on health and education. 

Choosing fair-trade products is a great first step, as fair-trade suppliers give women full employment rights and offer a sustainable chance to make a living. And with our Women Empowerment Collection, we've made it easy for you to take your support for women's empowerment a step further. 

The women artisans of the world have so many unique perspectives and so much talent to offer. Let's say "no" to trading practices that marginalize their contributions and help build a better future for all!