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Floral Mirrors

Welcome to NOVICA’s Floral Mirrors collection! Delicately hand-made floral mirrors from NOVICA are the perfect draping for an empty wall looking to be spruced up by the elegance found in nature.

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Popular Floral Mirrors

Floral Mirrors

NOVICA’s Floral Mirrors are the perfect addition to a home or office with an array of different types of flowers intricately designed by the most laudable artisans around the globe. Fusing elegance with a traditional floral frame, Khalid Ali's mirror designs are inspired by the ancient Mughal style. Mughal paintings are influenced by Indian, Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist artwork from the 16th and 19th century Mughal Empire reign. Poetic red and cream petals carved from mohena, the finest Peruvian hardwood, are just one of the illustrious floral mirrors hand-crafted by Andean Artisan Marcos Luzalde. NOVICA’s Floral Mirrors come in a plethora of shapes and colors from the most artistic artisans worldwide, ready to brighten up any room.
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