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Unique Gifts: Sculptures (899 items)

Enjoy exploring our handpicked selection of unique sculptures, designed and handcrafted with great care by talented artisans worldwide:

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Popular Unique Gifts: Sculptures

Sculpture Gifts

NOVICA's collection of sculpture gifts features the work and style of some of the most talented artisans worldwide. Among these sculptures are romantic, religious, modern, and abstract figures and scenes. The totality of topics is fitting, considering that sculpture gifts have been a significant part of humanity since before the written word, from depictions of Egyptian gods to the Statue of Liberty and beyond. Many of these sculptures are not just gifts to humanity, but to the environment. Armando Ramirez sees characters and shapes in discarded objects and realizes them, making sculptures from recycled metals. Cesar Gonzáles makes sculpture gifts from his surroundings too, using nature’s minerals like serpentine, rose manganese, and red jasper from the Central Sierra. Bringing a sculpture from either of them into your space brings a piece of the environment into it. All are packaged with free gift message and artist story cards. We hope you enjoy these imaginative gift ideas!
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