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Bamboo zampona panpipes, 'Inca Serenade' (pair) - Hand Crafted Bamboo Wind Instrument Zampona Panpipes (Pair) Curate

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Hand Crafted Bamboo Wind Instrument Zampona Panpipes (Pair), "Inca Serenade"

The sweet tunes of the zampoña panpipe serenade the Andes with nostalgic songs.... more

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The sweet tunes of the zampoña panpipe serenade the Andes with nostalgic songs. "The use of the zampoña has become widespread across the world and it is played at different functions," explains Benito Tito. "In Peru we play the zampoña during special ceremonies and traditional rites." Tito crafts this zampoña by hand with 13 bamboo reeds of the same diameter but different length. The pipes are tied together with a woven ribbon.

Tito includes a smaller zampoña as a gift. The set includes woven cases for storing.

  • 0.12 kgs
  • 0.3 lbs
  • 30.5 cm H x 10 cm W x 4 cm D
  • 12" H x 3.9" W x 1.6" D
  • 10 cm H x 8 cm W x 1 cm D
  • 3.9" H x 3.2" W x 0.4" D

  • Bamboo
  • Carrying case included
  • Free Gift Wrap? Yes
  • Premium Gift Wrap? Yes
  • Made in Peru.
  • Certified and shipped by our office in Andes
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For generations, the Tito family legacy has helped to preserve the musical traditions of the Peruvian Andes. The art of crafting musical instruments to produce the haunting music indigenous to this region has been passed from father to son. Benito is now an elder master. He embraces every opportunity to teach younger artisans the vast array of skills required to handcraft a musical instrument and proudly incorporates local materials, such as jungle bamboo, into his designs.

Now in his seventies, Benito has had cataract surgery but now faces glaucoma. Work is more difficult for him but he refuses to give up. The income from the sales of his musical instruments help him care for his wife who can no longer care for herself, pay for his grandchildren’s education and maintain his dignity. He is grateful that the orders for his work have increased since joining Novica.

Whenever Benito has a large order or many orders to fill at the same time, he hires other craftspeople to help him. He especially likes to give work to those who are from his hometown of Puno - he likes to be able to share the income this work brings with others in his community.

Now in his seventies, Benito is entirely dependent upon Novica sales. The income derived from the sales of his musical instruments support him, his wife and his grandchildren. He also gives work to other artisans when he needs help to meet the demand for his work.

As Benito's sales have grown through Novica, he has been able to hire other artisans to help meet the demand for his handcrafted instruments. He has trained many of them in this traditional craft and prides himself on preserving this traditional Peruvian art form.

Now in his seventies, Benito lives with one of his children and their children. Their parents provide for their children's food and clothing and Benito proudly pays for his grandchildren's education, even though he often struggles to do so.

Benito Tito has received a $450 microcredit loan with 0% interest. Proceeds were used to purchase wood, strings and accessories for his musical instruments.

This artist is an elder master and continues to actively practice their craft.

This Product is awarded the Earth Friendly badge because it uses recycled or sustainable materials or techniques.

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The packaging was esquisite. The way I opened it , I can use it as a safe case to carry both instruments if I want to and it looks really COOL! The instruments are very sweet sounding and easy to play, even for a neophyte. I want Mr. Benito Tito to know he has made me very happy!!! A person should be able to send such a message to the artist directly I think! Thank You Mr. TITO and Novica...Very pleasent experience all around.!

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"Awesome Panpipe!"

Very well made Panpipe flutes and the bag is real well crafted, colorful and looks awesome!

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Arun kumar

TVM, Kerala, India

Good job Benito!! It's very nice to see your products.