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Copper mask, 'Warrior God in Tears' - Artisan Crafted Copper and Bronze Wall Mask Curate

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Artisan Crafted Copper and Bronze Wall Mask, "Warrior God in Tears"

This mask represents Ai Apaec, a mythical figure honored by the Moche culture.... more

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This mask represents Ai Apaec, a mythical figure honored by the Moche culture. The design itself is adapted from the breastplates worn by high-ranking Inca men as found in Andean tombs. Ana Maria Enciso shapes the expression from a combination of copper and bronze, employing galvanized colors to complement the metallic surface. A singular Peruvian adornment for any space.

At Huaca de la Luna, a ceremonial structure found on the western flanks of Cerro Blanco in Peru, archaeologists discovered a polychromatic relief panel depicting Ai Apaec, the supreme god of the ancient Moche culture. The image is characterized by his feline attributes, mythical mask, prominent eyebrows, agape mouth, and sharp, aggressive fangs. Black scrolls surround his face while a rhombus appears at the center, bordered in stylish bands representative of manta rays. Ai Apaec is identified with the ideologies inherited from the epic of the Chavin and complemented by other deities, such as the serpent, the condor, or the eagle, representative of Andean culture. It is suggested that his influence is primarily cosmic and that Ai Apaec was actually a constellation in the sky.

  • 0.34 kgs
  • 0.7 lbs
  • 22 cm H x 30 cm W x 0.8 cm D
  • 8.75" H x 11.75" W x 0.3" D

  • Bronze and copper
  • Free Gift Wrap? Yes
  • Premium Gift Wrap? Yes
  • Made in Peru.
  • Certified and shipped by our office in Andes
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Ana Maria Enciso has received 7 microcredit loans with 0% interest from Kiva and Novica, the first for $850 and the most recent for $600. Proceeds were used to buy copper and bronze to continue crafting her designs.

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The Women's Empowerment badge is awarded to female artisans or artisan groups that are led by women.

Every purchase from this artist has a profound impact on their livelihood and income.

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Gave the plate to my husband for a Christmas gift, and he is so pleased with it - it is hung in a place of honor where he looks at it every day.
I have many pieces by Ana Maria Enciso. They are flawlessly crafted and stunning in their beauty. Such craftsmanship is unusual in today's marketplace.