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Moises Alvarez


Loan requested: $1,250

Fully funded!

Loan term: 12 months

Interest Rate: 0%
(Interest Free for Artisan)


"My family, my team and I are happy to be working with Novica and the mere thought of the news of possible artisan loans has made us feel closer to you and our art. It makes us feel like someone is walking on this road by our side. I will show my gratitude through my work as a tribute to you all."

I wish I had some special drills that would make it easier for me to make more precise perforations for assembling the pieces. That's because when I make them by hand it's very difficult to make them even. That would make me even prouder of the work I deliver because I am concerned about clients' total satisfaction. These types of drills are expensive.

I would also like to start a new line of handcrafted bags. I made some before and people liked them, so if I had the appropriate sewing machines for thick leather, I could make a lot more and take them to Novica for our friends and customers.

I would use the loan proceeds to buy a drill for my furniture, a sewing machine for the bags, and enough material to get better prices from suppliers. As artisans we don't have strong buying power and we must buy in small quantities. Raw material suppliers don't treat us like they do big businesses.

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I'm very happy with Novica: whatever I put up for sale gets sold and I work with the assurance that my works will be appreciated and purchased by art lovers. That's not usual for an artist. We seldom work with the assurance that our work will end up in good hands. The way Novica promotes us is unique.

The recession has affected me and Novica has helped me to save my situation. That's why I'm so stringent about the quality of my work. I choose the best materials I can afford.


About Moises Alvarez

"I want to preserve our history and our culture so that it will survive the passing of time while transmitting the essence of Peru.”

Moises Alvarez Santti was born in the region of Ayacucho, Peru, on July 18, 1958. When he turned 15 years old, he moved to Lima to study leather and woodcrafts under the guidance of his uncle.

"After six years'...

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Moises Alvarez Santti was born in the region of Ayacucho, Peru, on July 18, 1958. When he turned 15 years old, he moved to Lima to study leather and woodcrafts under the guidance of his uncle.

"After six years' apprenticeship, I felt ready to start a workshop with my brother," Moises explains. "Sadly, my brother passed away in 1980. Meanwhile, I was left with the huge responsibility of carrying on with the day-to-day activities of running the workshop. I've managed to maintain our business through a lot of hard work. And in doing so, I proudly honor his memory.

"Now its my turn to train others in the family, mainly my nephews and other relatives. Some of my sisters work with me as well.

"One of my most important commissions was to craft the image of a leather animal for Peruvian television. That was in 1980. Once in a while, it still comes appears on the air today!

"To me, my art is the way through which I can express my country's culture, just like my ancestors did. I don't want to fail our predecessors. I want to preserve our history and our culture so that it will survive the passing of time while transmitting the essence of Peru.

"What also motivates me is the love I have for my wife, who encourages me everyday, along with my desire to ensure a good future for my three daughters - who are my joy and strength.

"I would like to assure Novica clients that my products are a labor of love - intended for you as individuals. Each of my creations represents the combined efforts of our workshop, and our devoted team members who, in one way or another, each had something to do with it."

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Customer Reviews of Moises Alvarez

This is a 5+ star item all the way. Highly recommended in >all< categories... Mr.Alvarez makes the leather work look like carved wood; it appears like a deep mahogany set. Just wonderful! It's a do-it- yourself assembly project as one might expect for the sake of shipping. Speaking of which, the shipping fee is a give away - this set is heavy! The overall price is a complete bonus given the quality and amount of work involved. The little stools do fit under the table and, even with my non-petite derriere, are quite comfortable! Or you have four apéritif &/or hors d'oeuvre tables! You will be totally pleased.


Durham / NH / USA


Beautifully crafted leather wastebasket. It didn't feel right putting such a work of art on the floor. It makes a beautiful addition to the room....

I just received the beautiful chair you made - it looks every bit as beautiful as the website picture and then some. It is very comfortable, too. Thank you for the quality and beauty in the detail....

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