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Taxco Silver Rings

Discover unique designs specific to β€œthe silver capital of the world,” Taxco, Mexico, in this exquisite collection of Taxco silver rings.

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Popular Taxco Silver Rings

Taxco Silver Rings

Taxco native and acclaimed silversmith Oscar Figueroa Escorcia sheds light on the complex process each silver ring featured in his collection undergoes before it can be purchased. "After the design is complete, the process begins with the melting of pure silver that is purchased in small grains, forming an alloy with a minute amount of copper to give the metal a better consistency and to be able to work with it,” He says. "Once the metal is melted and transformed into a sheet, it is passed through a laminator to make wires, cases, etc. When we have the metal and it is ready to be worked, the designs are placed on certain areas of the sheets. They are cut, then sanded on all sides.” Oscar then submerges the pieces in nitric acid to clean the silver, which turns them white. Afterwards, if the designs require stones, he sets and adjusts them according to the designs. Finally, the pieces are polished by hand with cotton cloths, which gives his Taxco sterling silver rings that mirror finish. Find the silver ring that speaks to your sense of style and cherish your authentic piece of Taxco culture forever.
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