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Sterling Silver Pendants

Welcome to Novica's charming collection of sterling silver pendants. We hope you enjoy exploring our collection of silver pendants below:

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Popular Sterling Silver Pendants

Sterling Silver Pendants

Novica's collection of sterling silver pendants features a variety of exquisite pendants to add to a chain to create a truly unique necklace. Our collection of handcrafted silver pendants is created by talented artisans around the world. Necklaces appear in a variety of styles and with a unique pendant, a necklace can be created for every occasion. Our talented artisans create a variety or pendants ranging from a beautifully flower adorned cross to a beaming gold accent sun. Simply add a sterling silver chain or a leather necklace through the small loop of the pendant and create a fashionable piece of jewelry. Enjoy our exquisite collection of sterling silver pendant and choose one to wear closest to the heart.