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Sterling Silver Pendants

Welcome to Novica's Silver Pendant Gallery! Please take a moment to admire our sterling silver pendants below:

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Popular Sterling Silver Pendants

The Sterling Silver Pendant

Fashionable in the 21st century, pendants derive from the ancient practice of wearing talismans or amulets around the neck and date from the Stone Age. By the Middle Ages, pendants took the form of reliquaries that held a memento of a saint or sacred object. Renaissance artists began creating pendants for decorative purposes, although cross necklaces with jewels remained popular symbols of faith.

Novica's Sterling Silver Pendant Collection features original pieces that showcase silver's innate shine. Others receive a dark, "burnt" finish. From hammered silver to sleek, polished geometrical shapes, each pendant is masterfully crafted by artisans from around the world. Balinese designer Agung Pribadi has created a series set with onyx to depict fanciful black cats. Priyo Salim carves goddess figures in bone, setting the ivory-like pieces with faceted gemstones. Mexico's Carlos Muñoz is inspired by celestial themes, bathing his sterling silver pendants in gold to depict the sun, moon and stars.

These are only a few of our extraordinary silver pendants. Others feature pearl, garnet or turquoise, and blue topaz pendants are a perennial favorite. They grace chain necklaces, sleek chokers, leather necklaces and cotton cords. Many do double duty as brooches.

We hope you enjoy them!

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