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Onyx Pendants

Welcome to Novica's Onyx Pendant Gallery! Please enjoy browsing our gleaming onyx pendants in our collection below:

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The Onyx Pendant

Pendants derive from ancient cultures' practice of wearing talismans or amulets around the neck and date from the Stone Age. By the Middle Ages, pendants took the form of reliquaries that held a memento of a saint or sacred object. However Renaissance artists began creating pendants for decorative purposes, although cross necklaces with jewels remained popular symbols of faith.

The onyx pendant can grace chokers, chains and leather necklaces. Onyx can star in silver jewelry or combine with moonstone or bright carnelian. Novica is proud to present its Onyx Pendant Collection created by gifted artisans and silversmiths around the globe. Our onyx pendants feature primarily sterling silver settings with onyx accents in a variety of types and styles, including clusters, solitaires, clusters, and flowers. All of them are beautiful.

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