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Iolite Necklace Collection

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Iolite Necklace

Derived from the Greek ios ("violet"), iolite is a much admired gem for its clarity and unique glow. Set in silver or in vermeil, alone or in the company of other gems, iolite always draws admiration. Visit the Novica Gallery of Iolite Necklaces and discover why.

India is rich in iolite, but its beauty is carefully dependent on the way the gem is cut. Indian silversmiths know this full well, and expertly select the iolite gems for their unique handmade necklaces.

Iolite is also called "Viking's compass" because they were the first to use the gem to navigate the high seas away from the coast. Looking through the stone at a certain angle, the Vikings could determine the exact position of the sun and never get lost. Such versatile gem is symbolically perfect in jewelry for men.

The Novica Iolite Necklace is a treasure to be admired. Alone as a flower or cross pendant, gracing a peridot necklace or bracelet, iolite lures with hypnotic elegance.