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Men's Fine Silver Bracelets

Find exceptional artistry in NOVICA’s hand picked collection of men’s fine silver bracelets.

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Men's Fine Silver Bracelets

Fine silver differs from sterling silver in the amount of copper used to create the material worn in jewelry and seen in home goods. Copper is a necessary element of silver jewelry, as pure silver is far too malleable and stretchy to be used in almost anything. While sterling silver is comprised of 92.5% pure silver, fine silver featured in this collection contains 95% pure silver. Find fine silver bracelets for men from uniquely skilled artisans trained to work with this rather tricky material. One of these artists in this collection has a grander goal for her work beyond masterful artistry. Thailand’s Achara and her team strive to preserve Thai and Hill tribes through their designs, Achara says, “when we learned that the hill tribe people of northern Thailand had wonderful silversmith skills, but that most of their jewelry wasn't considered very marketable, we decided we wanted to find a way to help them.” She explains, “…we could help them develop more handcrafting skills, improve their designs so they would be more appealing to the general public, and improve the quality of their work, which meant refining their centuries-old traditional methods.” Find beautiful jewelry from Achara and the many other talented artisans featured in this collection of men’s fine silver bracelets.