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Pearl Chandelier Earrings

The luminous and fantasy like nature of our unique pearl chandelier earrings makes them desirous to all. The first appearance of a chandelier earring dates back to 2500BC. However, this style did not become popular until Richard Graziano featured the earring in Vogue in its November 1999 issue. Ever since, this style has taken off. The artisans of Novica have put together a unique collection of earrings by pairing the fashionable chandelier style with pearls. History shows that the pearl served as a symbol of wealth, power, purity, and femininity. In Europe, only royalty and the very wealthy were allowed to wear pearl jewelry. This elegant gem was much adored by Julius Caesar, and Cleopatra’s sacrifice of a pearl was made to declare her love for Marc Antonius. In the ancient Inca and Aztec civilizations pearls were believed to have magical powers. Thanks to the artisans featured on NOVICA you can now own a pair of extraordinary and stylish pearl chandelier earrings. You can adorn yourself in pearls that make you feel like royalty. And whether you believe, like the Incas and Aztecs, that pearls have magical powers or not, wearing pearl earrings from this exquisite collection will be a magical experience.
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