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Moonstone Bracelets

Moonstone Bracelets

We hope you enjoy our unique and elegant Moonstone Bracelet collection below:

Popular Moonstone Bracelets

The Moonstone Bracelet

Beautiful moonstone is credited with many a mystical energy. Set in a cufflink, it is said to connect the creative and emotional sides of men. Women are believed to have powerful visions of success when wearing moonstone on a full moon night. Whether searching for mystique, elegance, or both, the Novica Moonstone Bracelet collection is designed to enthrall.

Long ago in India, moonstone was regarded as a dream stone said to bring beautiful visions, so the gem became a centerpiece in handmade necklaces and bracelets, as well as in silver earrings. It is a tradition that today's artisans enjoy preserving, and one to admire in our exclusive Moonstone Bracelet gallery.