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Marcasite Bracelet

Welcome to Novica's Marcasite Bracelet Showcase! Please feel free to peruse our artisan-made marcasite bracelets featured below:

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The Marcasite Bracelet

Marcasite's fascinating golden glow lured the Inca people to use it as decoration over the doors at the Temple of the Sun. Marcasite jewelry was in vogue during Victorian times and made a resurgence during the 1920's and 1930's. Marcasite is on its third resurgence now, in the 21st century, and Novica's collection of marcasite bracelets is designed to accessorize you in style.

Marcasite is used in silver jewelry, and it is mainly cut in Thailand. Our collection features the extraordinary craftsmanship of Thai Jewelry Artisans, who craft dazzling marcasite charm bracelets studded with colorful gems such as turquoise.

Sukanya's designs flourish with rich artistry that can be admired in the designs of a hand-crafted marcasite bracelet as well as in brooches.