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Earn 15%!

You can earn a 15% bonus on your Available Balance from your Artisan Loan account when you use it to purchase products on the Novica.com website. At the Novica checkout, you'll be given the option to 'cash in' your new Bonus Balance, and use it towards your purchase!


Your Available Balance: $250.00
Your 15% Bonus: $37.50
Your Product Credit at Checkout: $287.50

You can use your Product Credit when you use it for retail product purchases on the Novica.com website. Your 15% Bonus does not apply to gift cards or new loans.

0% Interest

0% Interest for artisans.... are we crazy?! It sounds too good to be true, but this concept is only made possible by our unique ability to cut out the financial middlemen. In addition to dispatching all customer orders, our regional offices across the world can now also serve as disbursement centers for Artisan Loans, providing artisans direct access to the credit they need to grow their businesses.

Also, If we're receiving 0% funds from customers and lenders, we feel we should charge 0% to our participating artisans. Our economic incentive is for each artisan to grow their business and be successful.

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