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Men's Alpaca Sweaters

NOVICA’s collection of men’s alpaca sweaters includes an unmatched selection of styles and colors, making it easy to find the perfect cool weather closet staple.

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Popular Men's Alpaca Sweaters

Men's Alpaca Sweaters

NOVICA’s alpaca sweaters are hand spun from a luxury fiber that is as soft as cashmere and has the luster of silk. Alpaca wool is as durable as sheep’s wool, and the fleece is extraordinarily light and warm. In fact, many believe that alpaca wool is much warmer than sheep's wool. Additionally, any garment made with alpaca fibers is certain to preserve its appearance over time with proper care and cleaning. NOVICA’s curated collection of men’s and women’s alpaca sweaters features subtle hues, neutrals and bold patterns. Dozens of handcrafted alpaca wool sweaters straight from the heart of the Andes await your discovery!
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