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Chief Carver Nana Frimpong

Wood Carvings

Loan requested: $1,000

Fully funded!

Loan term: 12 months

Interest Rate: 0%
(Interest Free for Artisan)


"I assure the people lending the money that I would work hard to introduce new products to attract more customers so that you can get back the money you are lending me."

I am in need of more raw materials for production. The loan would also help purchase a wood cutting machine. I currently have several employees working at my workshop and I feel the responsibility to keep them employed. When I get the loan the first thing I would do is to buy more raw materials to maintain my workers.

Artist Updates  





Novica has greatly improved my standard of living. I have acquired 14 acres of land for cocoa plantation all through Novica. I now have peace of mind to concentrate on my work because I have constant source of income to take care of my family. I am famous in my community for the exposure Novica has given me.


About Chief Carver Nana Frimpong

Nana Frimpong is the chief carver for the king of the Ashanti. Frimpong's artistry has been featured on BBC's The World, Business Week, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Washington Post.

Nana Frimpong is the chief carver for the king of the Ashanti. Frimpong's artistry has been featured on BBC's The World program, and in periodicals including Business...

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Nana Frimpong is the chief carver for the king of the Ashanti. Frimpong's artistry has been featured on BBC's The World program, and in periodicals including Business Week, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Washington Post. He is also featured in Keepers of the Arts, a beautiful hardcover book available through Novica.

"I am currently the chief carver for the king of the Ashanti, because of my great ability in carving. Some of my work for the king includes objects with the gye nyame (symbol for the supremacy of God), stools, staffs and other royal and ceremonial objects. I have trained and qualified some ten men in the art of skilled carving. I draw inspiration from traditional kente cloth designs, from my family background, and from our rich Ashanti tradition."

"After leaving school I took up carving as a trainee under my father, Kojo Duah. Later, Professor Ablade Glover of the University of Science and Technology spotted my work. I ended up staying under this man's tutelage from 1970 to 1972, compiling additional skills and experience through his direction and guidance. This led me to decide to establish my own workshop.

"I would like the outside world, especially those who buy my works, to know that Ghana has a lot to offer – not only in terms of human resources, but also very good products and artworks like the ones that I create. Every carving that I make has a message; we hope that people will enjoy and appreciate the messages of our culture.

"My dream has always been to invest in my children's education. I am happy to say that this is now possible – two of my sons are in university, the first of our family to obtain a higher education. My other primary goal is to help my community, so that the poverty that plagues them will be eradicated completely. Above all, I wish to help make it possible for peace and tranquility to prevail in my community and the nation of Ghana as a whole.

"My advice to the world is that we should as a matter of urgency stop all wars so as to make the world a better place for everybody to live in. If we all cherished hard work and dedicated ourselves to our professions, the world would be a more peaceful place."

Artisan update (2009): "I feel close to Novica because, since we met in 2004, I've been able to realize my dream of providing my children with an education. I have also acquired two cars as well as some land, where I plant cocoa -- all of this thanks to Novica clients. I have gained a lot of respect from members in my community and what's more, people who once disrespected the carving profession have now had a change of mind after seeing the benefits I am enjoying through Novica. Now that I'm in my 60's, I consider my relationship with Novica as my retirement package. Thank you!"

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Santa Barbara, CA USA


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Dan Tambourine

Long Beach, Ca. USA



Customer Reviews of Chief Carver Nana Frimpong

I purchased the wood mask "African Sun" a few years ago, and I still enjoy it as much today as when I first received it. It is a high quality piece of art. The finely polished wood is soft to the touch and the features of the the mask are very serene and pleasing. I would highly recommend Mr. Frimpong's work! :)


Ottawa, ON, Canada


Nana Frimpong, Thank you for the two beautiful thrones that grace our living room. They are magnificent! Thank you also for your dedication to your local community, and for inspiring so many others - there and around the world - to appreciate your beautiful Ashanti traditional arts. Best wishes from Catherine

Catherine Gallegos



Dear Mr. Frimpong, I gave one of your stools to my son and his fiancee. They were delighted, and I notice it each time I visit them. The wood is wonderfully carved, and I remembered to tell them its teaching story. Thank you so much. My best wishes, Marie.


Kingston Ontario Canada


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