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Guillermo Arregui

Guillermo Arregui

Sterling silver and gemstone jewelry in Mexico

65 testimonials

"I enjoy life and I love being alive… I feel happy when people like my designs. I love the idea that my jewelry becomes a part of yourself when you wear it."

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65 Testimonials for Guillermo Arregui



I wear theses and they just glow. Everyone asks where I got them, I tell them Guillermo made them for me :d


Naperville, IL USA

The earrings are simple yet the pearl seems to float in the middle


My beloved husband has just been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. In our marriage vows, I asked God to give us forever together...and one more day. The beautiful ring is a symbol of forever. In fact, I had it engraved with that word. Thank you, Mr. Arregui .