Nengah Sudarsana

Nengah Sudarsana

Hand-carved wood art in Bali and Java

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"From an early age I loved natural things – plants, animals, birds or sea life… I particularly want to create wildlife and other animal themes in an exact, realistic and original way…."

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58 Testimonials for Nengah Sudarsana

Redhead at Heart

Kansas City, MO, USA

My praying cat is truly one of my treasurers. I smile everytime I see it sitting there.


Wow! what can I say, I was so excited when my cat arrived I could not get the package open quick enough. It is every bit as beautiful as I could ever of hoped for, just beautiful...I love it it's very special! Thank you Nengah so much. Best wishes to you and your family. Kind Regards Sharon (UK)


So happy with my buys. The cat as well as the bunny are adorable.