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Victor Yao Delanyo

Victor Yao Delanyo

Hand-carved wood masks in West Africa

19 testimonials

"My works have been exhibited in the United States, as well as in Germany, Belgium, France and Australia."

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19 Testimonials for Victor Yao Delanyo


Sacramento, ca

I just wanted to personal Thank You for my beautiful masks. Your passion and love in your work shows through the detail of your artistry.



I am very pleased with my purchase of the Good Fortune sculptures. The workmanship is amazing. I have them prominently displayed in my home for all to see!


Houston, TX USA

My ""Dog of the Spirit World"" carving is a beautifully crafted piece, it's one of my favorite Novica purchases. I was worried about the long ears and tail surviving the journey from Africa to Texas but it was so carefully packed I think it could have survived a trip to the moon!